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winamp radio, wanna record it ?

Do you like to listen to a radio station, in this case online or streaming radio station. What software do you use? Windows Media Player, Winamp, or even browser. For you that use winamp, there’s something interesting that you could try.

I love gothic music and that’s why I always listen to http://www.radio-mmorpg.de using my winamp. That the best station for gothic that I knew for now.

One day, I heard a lovely, sad, and great song in that station (is it to much … haha). After that song finished, I really wanted to heard it once again. But, this is a radio streaming. There’s no way that thing could happen, unless you requested that song to be played again, I think. So, this is not an option.

Then I started to googled. I searched for a tools that could recorded winamp radio streaming. Thanks God, I got one. A great software. And do you know another thing that makes it great, it’s freeware. So, I don’t need to search it in warez forum.. hehe

You could download it from : sourceforge

Hope you enjoy it like I do.


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