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What a night

It’s been a couple of days since the last time I wrote this blog. It’s been a busy day : study, report, and rehearsal for tonight Navigator Open House.

What could I said about tonight ? Well, it’s amazing. The show is great (if I could use that word, show, to represent it), both of the MC are amazing (especially Ivan, when he led the grounded group to sing “Lulalulalula”– do I spell the name right?), our skit is amazing although we practiced it only 2 times and never been seriously, and also because of the joy that I felt.

Being in a ceremony like this, sometimes make me think a little bit. Where does that joy comes from? that laugh, that happiness.. And then, what happened after we got home. Do you think of it when you’re alone in your room? Think of the joy, of the gospel, of the worship, or peoples that you met there..

Actually, I don’t know what that I want to say. It’s just that, I felt a little bit of loneliness this night. Do I really miss the agenda or something else ? What could it be ? Maybe I miss the people or maybe only certain person that I saw. Who is she? I think I knew her name. Yeah, I do. So what? I don’t know.

Time is always moving forward. Seeing someone is last only for a short time. Same things happened here. Wish it not.

haha, I’ve been blubbering with a ridiculous thing.. I think it’s time to end this writing.


2 responses to “What a night

  1. dian simatupang August 27, 2010 at 5:15 pm

    good writing bro! time goes away so fast!

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