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I learn today

This morning, our lodging house must be really happy if it could express it’s feeling because after a year (maybe, or more), we finally clean it up. I mean, totally clean it up. Like clean up a small room under our stairs that’ never been opened for almost 6-7 years. Could you imagine that? Actually we opened it because we curious about what’s inside, you know, does it like some kind of secret room or treasure room maybe.. hehe. Anyway, finally we did. And yeah, we found a lot of treasure in it..

It took almost 4 hours for us to clean it and trash away all the garbage. Now, a new problem showed up. Where should we put all these garbage ? ehm this is a big problem. But, you know, finally, our problem solver came. A ragpickers or scavengers (that’s the translation that I got from google for “pemulung”) showed up. It’s about time, I said to my self.

This is where the learning started.

From our lodging house, where all the garbage came from, to his cart took while on foot. It’s okay if you carry nothing. But, when you had something heavy like a sack of garbage in your back, it’s really difficult. But then I saw him, hold that sack tightly with his hand. Seems to ignore the heavy burden. Trying to get to his cart as soon as possible. I’m totally impressed.

What is it that give a person such a strength like that? A determination, I said. I tried to guess what’s his. Simple, he needs to support his family or maybe, he needs to feed him selves. Hey, can you imagine.. He carried this kind of things almost everyday and got ,well, how much.. 20 thousand ? 25, or maybe 30 thousand rupiah from one cart, if his lucky. What if his not? Maybe he got only 15-20 thousands.

(this is his picture)

This is life. It’s not fair, yeah, you’re right. So what? What could you do? What could I do? Wanna change it. How? Study hard, graduate, get a good job with an excellent salary. Then what? Help them?? hmm, I don’t think that I will still remember them. I would be really busy with my money and how to spend it. Got no time for them.

I don’t want to be naif. Maybe I care about them only when I saw them, only for that temporarily moment. Then, what should I do? I don’t know yet..

Maybe, when all that things that I said about having an excellent salary happened, this country is not poor anymore. Then, we could enjoy an equal life.

(I’m sorry if there’s something wrong in my writing or if it’s offense someone.)


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