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spiritual birthday, do you remember it?

This morning, I checked news feed in my facebook home page, and I found this “status” from The Navigators :

Do you have a specific date that you identify as your spiritual bithday? Do you celebrate it or remember it in some way?

Then I asked my self, do I remember it? hmm, no, I didn’t.  But I did  remember that it was in my  first year (freshman).

It make me think, why do we forget it? As if it’s not that important at all. Jesus said in John 3: 3  “I am telling you the truth: no one can see the Kingdom of God unless he is born again.” (today english version bible).

So, does it not that important ?

Spiritual birthday is different from physical birthday. When you were born physically, there were a lot of people that cheers happily for you. You got a certificate of born, a name, and anything that you could possibly imagined. But what happen when you were born spiritually. Maybe you’re the only one that been there when it happened. You ain’t got a new name or maybe people don’t clap for you (my personal perception) . It’s just between you and Him, personally.

In the process of being born spiritually, someone maybe help you. Do you remember him/her? or, do you remember why you were choose to be spiritually born?

I just wanna share it


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