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I stole more than US $ 1,000

Wow, how could it be? How do I do it? I must be rich by now. well, if you wanna report me, please hear my explanation first.

Just like most of you guys, I have a computer (notebook). It’s using Windows 7 Ultimate which cost almost US $ 299, if I buy it. Unfortunately, I use the cracked version which mean I got it for free. So, unintentionally, I had stolen US $ 299. Right??

Same thing happen with all software I’ve installed in my notebook. There are Matlab (complete modul which cost almost US $ 500), Office 2007, Adobe Photoshop and Flash, CorelDraw, etc. If you total it, it would probably cost more than US $ 1,000.

Wow, what a number ?

I’m rich, right. So do you.. hehe


this thing just got crossed in my mind when I browsed warez site


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