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crossed the download limit

Got this Ironman 2 download link from warez site. Too bad it’s in rapidshare..

yeah, I don’t have any premium account. Actually I never did..

Anyway, there’s always a way, right?.. yupz,  I use rapidleech. If you don’t know what it is, then you better googled it..

I use getpink and leechtube, which got a download limit. In getpink, I only have around 147 mb traffic left. Meanwhile, in leechtube it’s only around 45 mb. “Well, will this work?”, I asked my self.

It’s never wrong to try, right? So, I did. I put the link in the generate box and follow the usual procedure.

voila.. it works. haha.. how come??

never mind. Now I can enjoy my day watching Ironman 2.

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