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I can’t resist, my bad…

When it comes to movies, especially serial, I really can’t hold my self from watching it till the last one at once. Bad habit hah.. yeah, that’s for sure..

you know, i’ve been spend these last three days watching serial movies.. Anime actually, Doragon bol Ji  (I think’s that’s what they called it in Japanese… hehe) or Dragon Ball-Z in english..

It’s a great anime and I’m sure that you’ve watched it, haven’t you? well, that’s not really the point so.. shall I continue my story?

I will keep telling you anyway.. hehe

At first I just wanted to watch several parts, started from episode-1. Then I feel that I wanted to watch another one, and another, and……..yeah, you know.. till the last episode that I’ve just finished this night. There are 291 episodes with almost 20 minutes for each episode.. This mean that I need 5820 minutes to watch it all or 97 hours. wow, almost 4 days nonstop.

Luckily I don’t have it watch it that long. Eventhough, I still have wasted my time.

regret always come late, hah… well, maybe yeah. However, it’s cool for me. Reminds me of my old memory when watching that anime, back in Siantar..

arigatou goku-san… hahaha

soreja matta


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