Watergius's Journal

The world as I see it

what I want to be

this is some parts of the speech that I took from movie Twilight : Eclipse. I try to added some pictures so it would not be boring.

When we were 5, they asked us what
we want to be when we grow up

our answers were things like astronaut
president or in my case, a princess

When we were 10, they asked again
we answer rock Star, Cowboy or in my
case, the gold medalist

But, Now that we’ve grown up they want
the serious answer

well, how about this

Who the hell knows

This isn’t the time to make hard and fast decision
this is the time to make mistakes.
take the wrong train, and got stuck somewhere,
fall in love
a lot

major in philosophy because there is no way
to make a career out of that

change your mind and change it again
because nothing is permanent

so, make as many mistakes as you can
that way, someday,
when they asked us what we wanna be
we won’t have to guest
we’ll know.



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