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God works in mysterious ways

From Simon working with the UN in Timor Leste

A work colleague, Gina, was in Darwin on a visit. She was looking for the address of a friend`s house, where she was to spend the night.

She had the address on a paper in her wallet, so she went under a street light and looked at the address. Unknowingly, she dropped her wallet on the sidewalk, with 800 dollars, all of her ID and credit cards, etc. She found her friend`s house and spent the night. When she woke up the next day, she realized her loss, and backtracked, trying to find the wallet, to no avail. She took a bus to the police station, but the lady looked in the computer and found no record of the wallet having been found.

Now comes the inspiring part.

She was on the bus back to her friend`s house when she heard A VOICE say,
`Get off the bus on the stop before the house and look around`. Although she had already searched the area, she was so surprised by the voice that she got off a block before the house and was looking around on the ground. She thought, maybe someone took the money and threw the wallet on the ground.
Anyway, then THE VOICE said, `Take off your hat and sunglasses` – so she did, and kept looking around. All of a sudden, she heard a person`s voice,

`Are you Gina?’ She looked up and on the other side of the street a woman motioned to her.
She lived across the street and had found the wallet and had turned it in to the police the night before!
The lady drove her back to the police station and she again asked if the wallet had been reported. The lady on the computer again said there was no record. Then the Australian lady said that she personally had turned it in the night before. It turns out the police woman was misspelling Gina`s last name and for that reason couldn`t find the record.
She got her wallet with all the money and documents back and said that when
she went to her friend`s home, the miracle of what had happened sank in on her and she was unable to go anywhere or do anything the rest of the morning.
She decided to donate the 800 dollars to some charity in thanks to God for that He had done!

The story`s not over!

Gina is a retired officer in the US Navy. In Timor, the US Navy Seabees (engineers) are helping build infrastructure in this fledgling nation. Gina knows many of the officers stationed in Dili.
She also had been donating to an orphanage in Bairro Pite. She saw how rudimentary the building, particularly the kitchen, was, and decided to donate the 800 dollars towards improving the building. She got the idea to ask her Seabee friends if they could do anything for this orphanage and they replied that they could do the work and provide some materials that they had on hand, but could not purchase anything- and so, the Seabees are now
providing the labor, machinery and part of the materials and Gina`s thanksgiving offering of 800 dollars is providing the rest – and this orphanage will be completely renovated! They must have been praying and God answered, howbeit in a very mysterious way!

got this inspiring story in email from my friend


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