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two christmas celebration and volleyball

Last night I got three agendas that I would really love to attend: ALBUM Christmas celebration, PMK ITB christmas celebration, and my volleyball team practice. Unfortunately, they all started at the same time (6 p.m), or maybe not for the volleyball practice since it will started at 7 p.m, but anyway, I could only choose one and that’s the hardest part.


A week before in the night after volleyball practice when the team decided that we will have the next practice in Friday, December 10th.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t at that day. I have something to do”, I said. And what I got in my mind is that I will come to ALBUM christmas celebration since it’s been a long time I’ve not been hanging around with my friends whose came from the same high school like I do.


Two days before yesterday, I got message from someone that asked me whether I will go to the PMK ITB christmas celebration or not. It is from the same girl who came with me for the same celebration last year. I didn’t really tell her whether I’ll be going or not, but instead I asked her the same. And she said that she will.

“That’s great”, I said, “wanna go with me”?


Friday morning, December 10th.

I sent her a message to confirm that we’re still going together this afternoon and also to tell her that she should come earlier so that we will get seat in the front row, like we did last year. And then she replied and everything seems okay.

An hour before 6 p.m.

I got a message from her saying that she could not make it. Sondang, her best friend whose also her neighbor that suppose to come with her, could not make it. Well, it’s sad but I can understand it. Her home is quite far from ITB and it would be around 9 pm when the celebration end, so it’s not really a good thing for a girl to go on her own.

So, I then decided to go for a volleyball practice and texted my friend about it. Beside, my friend said that we will have a sparring today with special guest and it’s quite interesting.

I’d already put my sport shoes in bag and ready to go when I got another message from Silvi saying that she would come to the celebration, alone. I’m surprised indeed. Then she asked whether I’m still going or not? Not that I don’t want to go with her, I mean, I really want to. But, for her to come and return alone, it’s quite get into my mind. Besides, I’d just been made a promise to come to the practice.

I send her a replay saying that I’m sorry that I’ve just made a promise to come to practice and so couldn’t come to the christmas celebration.


Here I am, in the same place where I said I would not come.. LOL


It was a three sets match and we were beaten up in all those sets. Why? Because our special guest is a pro and our manager manage to hide their identity until the match was started. Anyway, it’s a great experience facing them even though  some of our team members got an injury, including me.

I fell while trying to catch the ball and got my knee injured. It was quite deep, the injured I mean, and the blood keep running out of it. Luckily I don’t feel any pain, for the moment.


I got at my room around 11.40 p.m and started to feel pain in my knee. But not only that because I started to feel the pain in my left wrist. Wow, this night is complete. I’m really tired, my body is injured, and I’m hungry too. Luckily I still have some bread to eat. If I knew it would turn this way, I’ll choose the other option.

As the wise words said, you’ll never know the future 🙂


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