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facebook did connect people

Actually, I’ve been realizing this for quite a time but never really posted it. So, here it is now.


I added few peoples in facebook, from several months to several weeks ago. Some confirm and some don’t or maybe still thinking whether I should be in their friend lists or not. But, anyway, that’s not the point.

When your friends doing something with their facebook, whether it’s posting status, uploading some pictures, using an application, etc, their reports will be in your home page so that you would know. At first I thought that only my friends activities that were listed there, but apparently I was wrong.

I added someone as my friend several weeks ago. I never really check whether she had confirmed me or not. But, I got the report of her recent activities in my home page, like status updated, photos uploaded, etc, so that I think she already confirm me. But, when I check into her facebook page, she hasn’t. The status in her home was still “friend request send“. Wow, then why did her activities got into my home ?

I then searched for another friend that his activities always pop up in my home page and got the same result, it was still pending (the request hasn’t been approved yet).

Looks like I don’t need to be friend with someone to know her/his activities. What I need to do is just add her/his as my friend, and voila, their activities will be in my home page. Is it that simple ? Well, from my experience, it is. But, I don’t know what happened when your friend request is “ignore” by her/him. If that (ignore) really makes you can’t see her/his activities, you can always sent the request over and over again I think. 🙂


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