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pay it forward, after two weeks I finally watch it

About two weeks ago, I got an event invitation in facebook to watch a movie called “Pay It Forward“. Well, it’s not really like watching in the cinema, but more like watching in a room using a projector and laptop. And more to that, there will be a discussion about the movie itself.

I were not really coming to the event. But I think that the movie must be really special that the moderators for the discussion session are peoples well known in my campus. How did I know? It was written in the facebook event.

From my room I then start accessing the google, looking for that movie synopsis and trailer. And well, that’s an easy things to do because I got a lot. Then I start to read it and watch the trailer and realize that the movie is indeed good one. And then I decided that I must download it for myself.

Getting the download link is easy too. The problem is how to download it. When the internet access in my room still using Speedy I would be able to download it easily. But now, I don’t think that it’s possible. 😦 So, the only way to download it is using internet in my major class room in campus. Why? Because it’s free and no “squid proxy” unlike other areas in my campus.

I only visited that classroom like once or twice a week when I have a class. So, I can’t get it like anytime I want it.  And last Thursday (last week) I got a class. At the beginning of the class I started the download already, using IDM. The class only for 50 minutes and after that 50 minutes had over, my download was still like 60%. Well, I didn’t really wanna sit there alone just for waiting the download complete, so I decided to cancel it. That’s mean within several hours if I don’t resume it, I need to restart the download from 0%. And that’s what gonna happen.

This afternoon I got the same class again. And I did the same thing like last Thursday, started to download that movie from the beginning of the class. And once again, it was still like 65-70 % when the class had over. Luckily we got an assignment to be collected like an hour after the class had over so that I had a reason for waiting that download to be completed. And finally, my assignment was finished on time as well as my download.. 🙂

That movie is indeed a good movie. An old movie, produced in 2000, but inspiring. If you haven’t watch it yet, I suggest you to watch it. Pay It Forward, helping 3 peoples and makes this world a better place, an Utopia.




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