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I think I’m gonna like Thailand movies

Two days ago, when I was in my laboratory (in the assistant room precisely), one of my friend want to copy a file from my laptop. So, he gave me his external hard disk. And while I was browsing his hard disk content, I found a movie, “Hello Stranger. Thailand Movie (2010)“. Then I ask him whether it’s a good movie or not.He said yeah.

In the middle of our conversation about the movie, another friend of mine suddenly join the conversation and said that he want to copy that movie too. He’s already heard about this movie but haven’t watch it yet. And so, we both copy it. In fact, he’s also offer me another Thailand movie called “First Love (A Little Thing Called Love)“. He said that this movie was also good.

That night I finished watching both of those movies and yeah, they’re right, it were both good movies. In fact, it’s change my point of view (perception) about Thailand movies. Before, in my mind, Thailand movies were all about horror (and it’s really scary) or about fighting (like Ongbak). But now, I think Thailand romantic comedy movies are almost like Korean. Looks a like, but not same, with its own characteristic of course.

A Little Thing Called Love/First Love

An ugly girl falling in love with a handsome boy. Then, she tried to be beautiful, try to be smarter, to be more attractive, only for the boy to like her. And yeah, she did it. She turns out to be like a princess, smart and beautiful. Then, in the graduation day, she confess her feeling to the boy which I think the best part but something unexpected happened…… But don’t worry, it turns out to be a happy ending 🙂

wanna see her transformation


Hello Stranger

Man and woman are destined to meet each other in South Korea. From stranger they become friend, and finally lovers. I think they are made for each other 🙂


Can’t wait to watch another Thailand romantic comedy movies. Or, at least, romantic comedy movies 🙂


2 responses to “I think I’m gonna like Thailand movies

  1. cippy March 24, 2011 at 5:08 am

    kynya yg hello stranger itu filmya ud lmyan lama ya dit??
    mau donk ikut copy filenya.hehehe.. sounds good i think..hehehe.. 🙂

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