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finally, another Thailand movies

My first Thailand movies was started with Crazy Little Thing Called Love and Hello Stranger. Surprisingly, I love it. Then I started to find another Thailand movies, not the horror for sure, but more like comedy and romantic and I got several..

Best of Times (2009)

Some people spend most of their lives trying to forget their first love, but some spend a lifetime reminiscing about their last love. And for sure, you can fall in love no matter how old you are..

There is quote that I like from this movies :

Not to forget is impossible, There is only forgetting slowly or quickly, But people like us are the type who find it hard to forget..

and some people are never forgot his first love and was still able to find new love, even though that new love is with the same person

Bangkok Traffic Love Story (2009)

Love can be evasive and tricky – but it’s one-hell of a destiny. Fate empowers all the adornments of love.
You are either fated to be in love or stay out of it.
If you are destined to meet the one you’d eventually marry, you surely will, even when the odds are not in your favor.
You may be zillion of miles apart from her, on either end of the globe but fate will worm its way to bridge this distance.
Love transcends borders.
It’s proven. ->

Superstar aka Superhap (2008)

As Korean fever is now the trend in Thailand, two guys are put together to form a Korean style boy band, making a big break in music industry.

Tom and Teung are buddies who dream of being an artist. Tom has the look and dancing skill, but his husky voice seems to be the big problem. While Teung has no idol image and dancing skill, he’s got the voice. The record company finds a tricky way to make Tom as a new idol and Teung becomes the back-up voice while Tom is lipsyncing on the stage. Their first single hits the charts and they become extremely popular over the country. While their popularity is raising and everyone is keen to know them better, they have to keep the secret; the truth about the voice behind the stage. ->



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