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how the slow internet connection make u change password

Every body want to get hurry in everything, including using their e-mail account. Okay, if you have a fast internet connection then that wouldn’t be a problem. But, what if you don’t. Acting as if it’s fast enough will cause you a trouble like what I’ve done.

Having a slow internet connection will give you this when you try to load the mail account (I’m using yahoo mail)

It’s seems like the page is loaded already and I can go directly to enter my username and password. But that is a mistake because when you take a look at the right top corner, you will see that the mail page is still loading (there’s still that circle thing). But I ignore it and typed in my username and password as fast as I can and just hit the enter. What happens next? That red things pop up sayings that you type the username or password incorrectly.

I know that I type it correctly. But, never mind, so I try to type it once again and then this showed up

I type my password accidentally along with my username … No wonder it’s wrong and can’t be loaded.

Well then, since my browser keep the history or something like that, each time I try to type the username, the other username with the password with it always come.. so, there is no other way beside change my password.. You know, even though it’s only the fraction, people could still guess it..

So.. try to watch over this thing and do not make the same mistake like I did.. 🙂

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