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love in a puff

I had this movie in my external hard disk for almost like 1 year  but never really watch it until last night. And that’s also happened because the empty space of my hard disk is getting low so I need to delete some unnecessary file, which is mostly a movie file..

I double click the file… fast forward it, more and more and decide that I will delete it until I found this scene

oke, that part is funny.. I think I will watch it from the beginning again. This time without any unnecessary fast forward..


Turn out that movie is good  :).. Basically, it’s a love story movie telling how a man can falling in love with a woman that is 4 (or maybe 5) years older than him while they’re smoking together. Isn’t it romantic? I mean, falling in love in a place that you have never expected.. hehe. Anyway, the story tells more that the girl had already got a boyfriend but then she broke up with him because that man (actually because one sms from him in the bad timing). Then, when that girl finally single again, that man afraid to tell her that she love her. So, they kind of like ignoring each other for a while. And then, finally, because of a new policy that is made by the government, they …….. and have a happy ending..

i  n  55!W  !


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