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inductor and LCR meter

Thursday, June 16


Yesterday we tested the MPPT under the bright sun. But, the result was not as we expected it should be. Something went wrong because we suddenly smell something burn from the inductor that we use for the boost converter. Looks like our inductor current rating is too small.

The output current from a solar panel is around 3 A. So, we need to use an inductor that would be able to sustain such current. But, since it is difficult to find one that is suitable, we decided to make one for our selves.

I always know that the basic principle for inductor are windings and core. For low frequency you use iron as its core, meanwhile for high frequency you use ferrit. Then, you should also decided how large (in Henry) the inductor that you want to build because it will determine how many windings that you want to make. And the tool that you would really need is LCR meter.

This is my first time saw this thing and also my first time made an inductor

LCR meter

our first inductor (sample)


2 responses to “inductor and LCR meter

  1. Ivan Pradibta June 20, 2011 at 4:34 am

    kalimat pertama salah gus…harusnya. “We tested” bukan “We were tested”. Kalau “We were tested” artinya “Kemarin kami diuji coba” . Kalau “We tested” artinya “Kami menguji coba”

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