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romantic heaven

Watched this movie in the last few hours, Romantic Heaven, and it’s so cool I think. As a Korean romantic comedy movie, it’s not only offer those two things. It had made me think about some other things too:

– It tells that hell is in heaven too (I guess that’s what they said in the dialog), but, it doesn’t mean that hell is not exist. It does, in another form. Instead of punishing bad peoples in fire like place, the movie said that the sinner never forgot sin they’ve made. This thing will then make them regret longer than any hell could do. And in the movie it shows bad men that look so depressed even though the surrounding looks so beautiful.

well, I don’t know which one is worse: being in a fire for eternity or being depressed and feel guilty for eternity

– God creates everything, including human, in six days. And we also know from the bible that God rests at the 7th day. The movie did not oppose that, but it did added that God “creates love” at the 7th day.

– Last thing, which is also something that I like, is that you can send postcard from heaven. Postcard from heaven, I think that would be the most expensive postcard ever.



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