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おはし (Ohashi)

This afternoon we had the final presentation for IUES 2011. Popi, one of the member of my group, had the idea for disaster mitigation which is something like easy to be remembered phrase or saying that they have in Japan. The phrase is “OHASHI” which literally means “CHOPSTICKS”





I still remember when the Earthquake, which then followed by Tsunami, occurred in Japan last March, Japanese peoples were so calm and in order when they evacuate. I think this Osanai is one of the reason because they (Japanese people) have known this since kids so it’s almost like spontaneous reaction toward disaster.

This is a good thing that we (Indonesian) could learn from Japanese.. 😀


thank you to Ryosuke Popi Sato for letting me use this presentation that he made


One response to “おはし (Ohashi)

  1. . December 11, 2011 at 2:55 pm

    arigatou gozaimasu
    it had help me a lot for a write work
    sorry for my bad english
    bye 😀

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