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the hardest part is saying goodbye – IUES 2011

Once upon a day in one of the classroom in ITB, students from two countries are gathered. They didn’t know each other yet, but it’s going to change because they got this whole week to do that.

This was when they will begin the seminar

opening of the seminar

Left side is Indonesian and right one is Japanese. Okey, now let’s move forward to the moment where they’re divided into groups. This was the first time the will interact and know each other better.

there are 7 groups

See how fast they become friends 😀

After the discussion, their next agenda is lab visiting. There are totally 3 labs that they should visit, but, due to some problems, they were only able to visit two of them. This is one of it, ITB Laboratory for Disaster Mitigation which is located at the highest level of PAU building.

in front of the PAU

See how eager the wanna visit the lab… or maybe not.

Anyway, lab visit lasted for nearly more that an hour. After that, they headed back to the room they were before visit the lab, 9311, for closing the first day of this seminar. How do the end it? With protocols, of course, but photograph is the right answer.

the end of the first day

Day-2. This day they’re gonna have three lectures and all are related to Disaster as this was the main focus of this seminar.

lecture session - day 2

See how serious are they?

But, there is time to be serious and there is time to take a break and take a picture..

during coffee break

This 2nd day was ended with the last lecture, and it’s discussion session as well, about Earthquake..

But hey, it’s still to early to take a rest. So, the Indonesian then decided to take their new Japanese friends for having a Karaoke as well as dinner at one of the famous mall in Bandung, Cihampelas Walk (Ciwalk)..

at Ciwalk

They were taking picture after dinner at Ciwalk. After this they’re gonna have a karaoke..yeah

3rd day. Beside lecture, today they’re gonna have a discussion panel with groups of youth focused in DRR. Those groups are KIDS, Wasend, BDSG, and Kerlip.

panel discussion

The discussion panel were great and motivating, especially when they share what youth can do regarding this seminar topic.

Almost an hour were spent during this discussion and now it’s time to end it with style 😀

photo session after discussion panel

The next agenda after discussion panel was field observation which was done in Taman Hewan area near ITB. The weather that day was so cloudy and it’s almost rain when they arrived at the starting point.

field observation

As soon as they spread from this starting point in groups, the rain comes. But that’s not gonna discourage their spirit, right? ..  ganbatte minna san

Anyway, the rain did not stop for quite a long time. So, this activity was not really enjoyable. This was not really what they hope for to end this day, especially when they’re gonna have to write a report regarding to this field observation..

Day-4. Today all the groups are gonna give a final presentation related to the topic that had been given to them at the first day of this seminar. And they have free time from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. to prepare that presentation.

At 1 p.m. the presentation was started. Here was the situation in the presentation room

at the presentation room

Looks like there were only some of them in that room. Well, that’s because some of the Japanese friends were sick. The got a diarrhea after ate star fruit in the night before. As for the Indonesian, where were they?  I think they have things to do too.. 🙂

The end of an event or seminar will not be complete without one thing, photo session. And that’s how they end this four days seminar..

end of the seminar

Enough with the formal style. Let’s try weird one

what do you call this style?

And that’s how the seminar ended.. with lots of photos

day-5. The seminar may be ended already, but not the fun. In fact, the fun has just started. Today the participants are going to visit the White Crater (Kawah Putih) as well as Cultural Village.

This was their picture before left ITB for White Crater

in front of the ITB

This was when they arrived at White Crater entrance

happy faces

And this was when some of them were flying at the White Crater

floating on the air

After spending time for enjoying White Crater and took lots of pictures, now they left for Cultural Village. It was once a village but now there’s only one house left, which is now a national heritage. This was their picture in front of the house

at cultural house

Visiting cultural house was their last destination this day. Now it’s time for them to go home..

Day-6. Saturday, September 24th 2011. The Japanese participants were having a homestay program while the Indonesian get back to their lives for a while.. 😀

Day-7. Tonight they were having a farewell party. Almost seven days they’re being together and this night it’s gonna end. As a last night they’re gonna meet, both Indonesian and Japanese participants are gonna give a performance. The Indonesian students were singing Medley Song while the Japanese students were perform Soran Bushi dance..

This was Japanese students after perform Soran Bushi

all Japanese participants, minus Kasumi

And finally it’s time for the last photo session of this whole meeting…  さようならみんな

the last photo session


goodbye friends.. until we meet again

until next time


Thank you to Maytridan Yoshua Sumalong and Malvin Wibisono Bachir for letting me use their photographs in this blog.

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