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It’s never too late to learn

the first grader

It is never too late to learn, that’s what this movie about.


The First Grader tells the story about 84 years old Kenyan man who wishes to enter primary school with the goal of learning to read and write. Despite being rejected several times, Kimani Maruge finally accepted by the school and enrolled as the first grader…

Well, I think that’s quite a lot for a spoiler. And after all, you could just read it from imdb or the website itself. But, what I would like to tell you is that this is a really good movie and it could move you to tears.

There is a scene that I like the most. It was when Maruge interrupted the meeting of the Kenyan Ministry of Education. He said : ” I was at the detention camps with our founding father,” and pointed to their pictures. ” These men sacrifice everything for your generation. Without them, you will not be here.” This statements of Maruge make all the meeting members silent and some even bowed his head. And then, I suddenly thought, could this also happened here, in Indonesia.

I’m sure we (Indonesia people) know how our parliament (DPR) performance this day. But, do they still honor the warriors of this country, that I do not know. But if they do, than I would love to hear news of them started to do things what our founding father hoped for or.., should the war veterans stand up once again and teach them like a small child ?



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