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that awkward moment when teaching 2nd year lesson

Thursday, December 1


Couple of days ago I was asked by my friend to replace him to teach 2nd year high school lesson to the son of one of our acquaintance, named Daniel. And so, there I was, in the place that we’re agreed, sat next to him while he was pulling out his textbook.

It was a physics textbook, which mean that he wants me to teach or basically helping him answering physics problems.  “Ohh, I can do it,” I said in my mind while I was suddenly remembering my second year at high school.

I remembered how I can’t fully understand lots of things that my teacher teach. And you know, what I did that time was basically remembering all the solutions that my teacher had given without understand how it become like that.. Ehmm, but that was in the past…  “Okay, let’s started it, ” I said to him.

As I helped him answering mid semester problems in that book, suddenly it’s just like I can understand it all.

It’s like its all making sense now. Like my logic can understand it without even have to remembering all the equations as I did 5 years ago.. 🙂

Finally I was able to help him finish all the mid semester problems. Well, basically it’s that, I was able to answer all the questions but I’m not so sure that he could fully understand me. But he said he could, so, I guess that’s it.

Gosh, I wish I were this smart when I was in 2nd year of high school.



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