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Can I pull it now ?

So, here was what happened  last Friday (March 16 th) during my flight from Jakarta to Medan…


As usual, due to the height of my body and the short space in regular seats, I always choose seat near the emergency exit/emergency rows. Why is that? You should have known I guess.

So, anyway, there I was, sitting in one of the row near the emergency exit…

Not long after I seated, two foreign passangers sat right behind me, still in the emergency row. They’re just like other passangers. I mean, they sat on their seat and put on their seat bealt immediately. But, the moment that the flight attendant (stewardesses) stood right next to us and explain about the safety procedure (since we sat in the emergency rows), that’s when the awkward moment happened.

According to the International Flight Safety Instruction, the stewardesses told us of what we  should do in case of emergency. And one of the thing that she said was that we should pull the emergency windows handling down to open it..

” Can I pull it now ?”, one of the foreigner who sat behind me ask to the stewardesses.

It’s kind of surprise me you know. Usually we just let the stewardesses tell us the informations, nodding as if we understood it, and just that, nothing more. But now, that was my first time heard someone ask about that.

“No Sir, you can’t” , the flight attendant replied. “You can only pull in the emergency.”

” But I’ve never tried it. How do I know if it’s working?” , that mister said later.

I didn’t really pay attention anymore as the stewardesses keep answering that mister argumentation until they stopped eventually.

I didn’t know whether that mister joking around or is he serious about that matter. I mean, we never have any experiences pulling that emergency windows handling down, do we? So, at some point I think he’s right. Well, anyway, the rest of the flight was smooth and I got an interesting experience that day.


Agus Praditya T



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