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“kamsahamnida” – Thank you

Saturaday, 4th May 2012


My flight from Jakarta to Toronto was via South Korea and transit in Incheon International Airport for about 3 hours. During this period, me and my other Indonesian friends decided to “sight seeing” this so called the best international airport in the world..

So, this is me standing and trying to look cool in the airport..

trying to look cool

With a limited time to spend and lot of places to be seen, we only manage to pass through the shop with a glimpse of what’s inside. There was this one shop called Korean Traditional Culture Experience, a place where you can learn and experience Korean culture. But, due to time factor, we didn’t have time to experience it.

one of the souvnir in Traditional Culture Experience

Around 40 minutes before our boarding time, I decided to go and look for some Korean souvenir in the Lotte Duty Free Shop. I didn’t find any souvenir that I like, not because there wasn’t any beautiful souvenirs over there, but because my budget was not enough.. hehe. And so, I decided to buy Korean tea.

I only have 22000 Won in my pocket. With that amount, I can only buy one tea, but get refund around several thousand won, or I can buy two kinds of tea, but I need to add another 600 Won to the money that I got, which is I didn’t have.

In the end, the shopkeeper lady asked me to showed her all the money that I have and then, unexpectedly, she took her wallet, pull out 600 Won, and then gave it to me. I am so amazed at that moment. Wow, she is so kind. Thank you so much ma’m.  I wish I knew how to say thank you in Korean at that time..

Korean tea that I bought







2 responses to ““kamsahamnida” – Thank you

  1. Mey May 6, 2012 at 11:16 am

    Jadi iri,,,
    *sambil berkata dalam hati “Tuhan, aku pengen seperti uda Agus. Amin” 😀

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