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This world is so small

This was happened few months ago…


October 2011

I was choosen among ITB students to be one of the participant for an International Seminar between Indonesia and Japan. The seminar name was IUES (International University Exchange Seminar) ITB-Toyohashi 2011 and we discussed about Risk Disaster Reduction.

Long story short, both countries introduced their participants, and the name of one of the participant from Japan is Misato Baba. During their stay in Indonesia, especially in Bandung (ITB), we took them to several places in my campus. One of the place was Tokema, a store where you can buy ITB souvenirs. I didn’t know what she (Baba) bought that time, not until few months later in the future (February 2012) …


February 2012

Almost every year I have Japanese friends that come from Shizuoka University to visit several places in Indonesia. This year, they did the same plan. I was their guide last year, and since this year (on February) I have nothing to do, I offered my self again to be their guide.

So, the next day after they arrived in Bandung, I took them to ITB. Had walked through several buildings in ITB (there is not much to see anyway), I suggested buying some ITB souvenirs and they agreed. So, while they were buying stuffs in the ITB souvenir shop (Tokema), I was sitting outside waiting for them.

One of the students from Shizuoka settled her shopping earlier and joined me outside. The night before she introduced her name as Baba and so I asked: ” Baba, what did you buy?”

She told me several things that she bought. Then, she mentioned about her sister that brought her some ITB souvenirs (like Tshirts) after came here last year. Suddenly, I remember that Misato Baba was here last year. “Misato Baba, do you know her? “, I asked.

“She is my sister …”


This world is so small, isn’t it? Sisters that study in a different perfecture (province) and in a different university in Japan somehow when visiting Indonesia, in a different date, ended up met the same guy, me.





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