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when science makes you act like a child

Saturday, June 9 th 2012


Science can be dull, but it can also be something fun and interesting. And sometimes, it can make you act like a child.


– I don’t like worms that much. In fact, I always avoid them or even sometimes kill them. But here, in Science North, it’s a different story. I ate them and they tasted a little salty.

it tastes a little salty

I didn’t remember what the name was but it’s a small size worm. And moreover, they’ve been cooked already. So, it’s not that scary anymore, at least not as scary as living worms that been eaten by several people in order to break the world or guiness record..

– I’m always terrified by spider (big one) and insect. But that fear shall not overcome me anymore, at least not today, as I tried to hold big insect and tarantula in my palm.

good boy, don’t bite me..

Wanna know a cool fact, you will not feel the Tarantula in your palm because their legs are so soft. So, if you close your eyes and it’s crawling on your body (hands and legs), you won’t even know it, at least you wouldn’t know that it’s a tarantula.

– I’ve never seen a moose, but I’ve heard that it’s big and has antlers. And that antlers that they have are quite heavy you know, almost 25 kg. Try to imagine wearing a 25 kg hat every where you go, even when you want to eat and have to bow your head a little bit to eat the food.

ahh, I can’t let go this antlers from my head

– I’ve always imagined how painful it is sleep in a bed of nails. And it’s painful indeed.

That’s why I salute people who do performance using this bed, especially when sometimes they put heavy load over their body which gonna make it more painful, I think.

don’t think about the pain, calm your mind …. nah, it’s not working

– you don’t have to be an adult to realize that you must preserve environment (nature). Look at this writing that had been written by small childreen. They also care about it.

childreen : we care, how about you?


Agus Praditya T

Some captured moments during visit to North Science, Sudbury, Ontario.


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