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sweet escape to Toronto

Friday, June 22 th, 2012


6 pm, we left Sudbury and headed to Toronto (or Oakville). It was 4,5 hours drive (my phone’s google maps said so), and that’s only if you’re not lost or take the wrong highway’s exit…

Since I still have free data plan on my phone, I was selected to be the navigator for this very trip. It was a smooth job for  few hours, until we crossed Canada Wonderland and got closer to Toronto. So, there was this many circling roads and exit routes too and I kind of not able to distinguish which road that my phone’s google maps highlighted. And so, I told my friend to just go straight and I was totally wrong. We were suppose to take right. In the end, we left the highway, discussed our next route while enjoying the night, set new route (still using my phone), and headed to our first stop, Oakville, Ontario.

We did manage to get to our friend’s hotel in Oakville but we still chose the bad way. Why? Because we didn’t choose the highway to get there, but the city’s roads instead, and so, it took us longer to get there since we always have to stop at the red light signal.

Anyway, we met our friends in their hotel, invaded their rooms, and even made one of them slept on the couch while we slept on the bed.. 🙂


The next day we woke up very late. We were supposed to leave for Toronto Zoo around 7.30 am and have our breakfast on the way. But, the truth was some of us woke up around 7.30 am and even more (8 am). And one more thing, in the end we had breakfast at my friend’s hotel. How did we do that? We just pretended that we’re guest there too (our hotel here in Sudbury is the same like their hotel, so basically we’re under the same flag – excuse that I made) and it went smoothly during our stay there.

Around 9 am, ever body have had their breakfast and we’re ready to go.

this was me pretending to be the driver


They gave me a second chance to be the navigator and this time I did not disappointing them (actually I’m still the only options available to be the navigator because of my free data… 😀 ). Anyway, in about an hour we arrived at Toronto Zoo and started to queue in that long line for more that half an hour.

Toronto Zoo entrance

Toronto Zoo was awesome, especially the polar bear. It’s so cute when it swam on it’s pool and flip it’s body over and over again. And the underwater view of that polar bear swam, it was so great too. One of many things that people would not missed if they’re visiting here…


Around 3 pm we left the zoo and headed to Eaton Center in Toronto. One of my friend needs to buy a new phone, two needs to buy a luggage, and the others (including me) just wandering around with them. New luggage, they managed to find it. Phone, it’s too expensive here and so he decided to find it in another store outside Eaton Center…

Some of us (including me) decided to stay around there to see what’s happening outside at Dundas Square. And it was a street performance. I managed to get a good spot, had a good time, and recorded that man action :

This was my first time see something like that (live). He’s funny and a good entertainer. I wish him the best.


Around half an hour after that performance, we headed to Thai food restaurant called Salad King (my second time goes there). There was some miss understanding happened here : “So, I ordered some squid dishes and it cost me around $ 9,61 including tax. As I have already known, paying for eating in Canada must also include a tip. And sometimes I pay the tip in the end after I pay the food. So, I gave the waitress $ 20 and I saw her counted coins as my change. I didn’t want to keep coins so I asked my $20 back and gave her $10 instead. I wanted to pay for the food first and will give the tip later. But she thought that that $10 was included with the tip because she left right away without saying anything. And when I say thank you to her later on my way out, I found unhappy expression of her toward me.. 😦  “. I should have known to include the tip from the beginning.

Anyway, we headed to some places that night and enjoy the night life in Toronto…


The next day we woke up late as usual. Then after breakfast, we headed to T&T Supermarket near Missisauga to buy Indonesian noodles, some Indonesian ingredients, and even ABC sauce. Now you know how we misses Indonesian food.. 😀

Indonesian noodle (export product)

Then we continued our journey that day by went to Chinatown in Toronto and bought some stuff (it’s cheaper there), watched Euro semifinal between Italy and England at Dundas Square, and had dinner with our friend at bar & grill, also near Dundas Square.

people watching Euro Semifinal at Dundas Square

The night wasn’t over yet because our friend (colleague) asked us to come to her apartment to chat and have a drink for a while. What a nice view from her apartment. I can saw CN Tower that close. And from her rooftop, it’s even better. You can see Toronto 360 degree.

at Shelly’s rooftop


Agus Praditya T


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