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stories from my office

Work place offers it’s own story. Interacting with lots of people there or maybe just heard their story is something that could bright your day with smile in your face. I’ve had this, and I even did one myself…



Lunch room can be a good place to have a break and chat with your friend. But it also can be a good place to hear other people story, which you sometime cannot avoided because you’re still in the middle of finishing your lunch. So anyway, there was this afternoon where I was enjoying my lunch with my friend. Then, my friend’s colleagues came and joined us and they started telling stories.

” Tonight is my son’s prom night and his date is not allowed to come to the school because she is grounded” , one of the woman said. ” So, this girl, whom my son was supposed to go with, had a bad track record with her attendance. Then, the school asked her to do some reports before the prom but she didn’t do it. And because of that, the school didn’t allowed her to come to the prom this night, and also, they asked her to do some other homework”, she said later.

“And you know what”, she said to her friends, “my son was already rent suits for himself using his own savings and he has even prepared something for his date”, she said while laughing a little. “This morning he’s kind of frustrated,” she finished her story followed by a giggle from her friends.

The story that she told was quite new for me. I’ve only heard about prom night or saw it from movies that I watched in television. I never knew that parents could be so enthusiastic about it too.. Anyway, that afternoon I got a story that leave a smile in my face.

can’t wait to go to the prom…



In my office I have some friends that work here as an co-op students. That means that they’re a last year student at a university, which then they applied and got accepted to work here for 16 months. The idea is for them to get familiar with working condition according to their major.

So, one day, around afternoon, I stopped by and joined them in one of the cubicle in my office where they chatted. It was still in the early days I know them, so they kind of asked me couple of questions, like where I am from… to the currency that we use there.

“We use Rupiah ,” I said to him, which then followed by another question of how much it is in Canadian dollar.

Around that week, the rate exchanged was between 9.300-9.500 per dollar. But, to make it simpler, I said “1 dollar is around 10.000 Rupiah.”

“What? You guys are millionaire,” one of them replied, and I’m sure that he said like that because of that zero number, that lots of zero.

But, do we really are?

I don’t know the best way of telling them about that lots of zero that we have. I can only explain it to them using examples about the worth of that money that we have, like with this much we can buy this and that.

So, we’re millionaire in the number of zero that we have, but just a regular person with the worth of that money that we have.

rupiah…. dollar



From my office, if we want to dial out, we have to press number 9 first. Then, if the number that we want to call is still in the local area, we just need to press that number afterwards. But if it’s not, we have to press number 1 before and then followed by the phone number that we want to call.

So, this one day I wanted to call a number which started with 1. It’s not a local number and so I press 9 first and then 1. Afterwards, I started to press the number of phone that I want to call. But, right after I pressed the first number (1), the phone connected (I can tell by the sound) and suddenly someone at the end of the line replied, ” 911, what can I help you?”

I just accidently called a police. Then, as soon as I got my common sense, I disconnected the phone right away without saying anything. I hope they didn’t think that it’s a prank. What a stupid mistake that I did.

upps, wrong number…



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