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I love nature – Onaping Falls and Killarney National Park

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


She drove like a real racer that day. From left to right and then overtook the car that move “slow” in front of her (she said it’s move so slow when we were guessing that that guy drove close to the speed limit). You see, she (we) had just violated couple of traffic rules that morning on our way to Onaping Falls.


We would have not known about this falls if it’s not because of her. Her name is Kugy, and she is our first Canadian friend here in Sudbury. How do we know her? Let’s say that she helps us a lot and she started become our best friend here. She’s fun, adventurous, and know Sudbury and it’s surrounding for sure.

So there we were that morning, on a bridge that marked our starting point for tracking along Onaping river and falls…

let’s pose first guys..

Onaping River (© Agus)

The falls was not that big or high, but the view in that area is worth to try, I’ll say. Plus, you can eat fresh and wild blueberries there, which was my first time saw the tree (if you can call it that way) of it. But just be careful, because you know what they say, bears love blueberries, and so they might be there, snooping behind the trees.. 😀

Onaping Falls from a distance (© Agus)

Anyway, our stomach (read : hunger) forced us to leave that place around 1.30 pm. And so, we headed to Burger King (which was my suggestion because I never had it before) with her drove slowly this time.. 🙂


When we had our lunch in Burger King that afternoon, there was a homeless guy that came by our table and ask for some money. I can smell alcohol from him since he stood right behind me. One of my friend offered his burger to him, but he said that he wants his own. Then, right of a sudden, Kugy grab her bag, took out her debit/credit card, and asked that man to come with her to the cashier. Kugy offered him to order his own burger + drink, and she paid for it. Now, I think we can add one more thing of her besides those that I’ve mentioned earlier, she’s good-hearted.


Two weeks passed by since our trip to Onaping Falls. With big enthusiasm to see more landscape of Canada, last weekend we finally went to Killarney Provincial Park which people say a really beautiful place, especially around Killarney Lake.
And there, we canoed across almost 3 lakes and then camped in the night.


After finished some issues with our camping ground, we headed to the canoe lunch spot at George Lake. So, from here we were gonna started canoeing to Freeland Lake and then Killarney Lake.

our canoeing route

It took us quite a while to figure out how to paddle the canoe straight you know. At first, we (me and my partner) kept going too much to the left or to the right and that made us tired fast. Then we tried paddling it at the same time. But, the most important thing is, the guy that paddle in the back in the one that control the movement of the canoe. In the other word, he is the one that has to work hard, paddling from right and left depending on the movement of the canoe..

let the journey begin (© Agus)

After more than an hour, some of us arrived at a dock which tell us that we’re already at the end of George Lake. From here we have to carry the canoe to the other lake (obviously). We rested for a while and then we realized that two of our friends was not there yet. Just for information, there were 8 of us and we used 4 canoes. Then, after we “almost” left them behind (we thought that they decided to go back to the camp site), we suddenly saw a glimpse of hope. There they were, paddling slowly but sure, headed toward us.

waiting on the dock (© Agus)


The second lake was a long quite lake that full with plants, lotus. It’s a beautiful lake and rich in nutrients, I would say so. Why? Because all the plants that grow there, even in the bottom of the lake.

Freeland Lake (© Benny Kurniawan)

And the end of this second lake marks a starting point for people to carry their canoe for quite a long distance, almost 1 km.


We spent more that one hour around Killarney Lake. Swam, rested, and had an early dinner. Yes, dinner around 4 pm. We’ve used lots of energy and now we need to replenish it. And that’s proven not to be a 100% right too actually…

Anyway, on our way back, two groups did some modification with their canoe. They kind of tied it together so that they can save energy by paddling it together, they said. But I’m not sure that it’s true because they left quite far away behind us that didn’t have their canoe tied together.

teamwork guys .?. (© Agus)

The way back is always “seems” faster than the way go. In almost one hour we arrived at the dock already.

we’re the adventures… (© Benny Kurniawan)

And in one hour later we were already in our camping ground, ready to build our tent and enjoyed the rest of the night, or did we ??


this is us, the next day when we’re ready to leave that place.. (© Benny Kurniawan)


Agus Praditya Tampubolon

– all the photos belong to me or Benny Kurniawan


One response to “I love nature – Onaping Falls and Killarney National Park

  1. JC July 22, 2012 at 1:14 pm

    was a good day 😉

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