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blue mountain, from breaking the law to fun

Saturday, July 28th


The village was so crowded. There was an Elvis Festival that day.

Blue Mountain “Village” in the morning.. ©Agus

One of the people that we met even said that almost all Elvis “looks a like” came from around the world for this festival. Wow.. that’s how popular it is …

Hey, I’m with Elvis…


The show wasn’t started until late in the afternoon, that’s why that morning we decided to bike a little bit further out of the village. But, after 10 minutes biked, we changed our mind and headed back to the village, which then cause something that I would remember in all my life, I almost got fined by a cop.

So it was in a cross section headed to the village. I was biking straight to the North and wanted to turn left (West). The traffic light that goes to the left side was red, but green if I go straight. I looked at my back and there was no car near me. So, I biked diagonally crossed the street and headed to the bicycle path over there. Then, it was not long after someone yelled at me and ask me to pull over…

There was a cop car there, with a policeman inside it of course. He was the one that asked me to pull over and then interrogated me.

I was in a big trouble. I never knew any rule about using a bike here before, that’s what I said to him, after I said sorry for couple of times. ” It’s too late now”, he said while smiling. Then he asked for my identification and checked it in his car for a while.

illustration – got fined while biking

One of my friend, JC, tried to speak with him and explained that this was my first time riding a bike here in Canada. I didn’t really know what were they talking, but JC said to me later that the police gonna talk with me, probably will give me some explanation and advice or maybe warning… and yeah, he did.

So, after he checked my identification (also one of my friend too who did the same mistake like I did), he came by and told us what we did wrong. He also gave us some advice saying that what we did could cause an accident, not only to ourselves, but other people as well. He then returned our ID, and let us go. Such a nice cop, but such a shocking moment for me.. 😀


After lunch, we met our friend who invited us to come there in the first place. He (Chad) and her girlfriend (Erika) then took us to one of the beach there. We biked there and at the intersection, they did the same thing like I did when I almost got fined. The only difference was, they looked at the road first to see whether there’s a cop over there or not, well, at least that’s what she said to me… And you know what, I followed them and broke the same traffic law (again)… lol

After biking and swimming, we then continued to go for tracking/hiking at hill around the beach. It’s called The Peaks, which apparently one of the best place for skiing in winter time.

I can’t even see the top yet… still long way to go

After more than an hour physical and mental struggle, we made it to the top. There was some kind of dock up there and the view was great. You could even take beautiful pictures up there, with only dock, lake, and sky as your background which is so amazing…


As if we’re never tired, after got back to the village we rested for a while and then decided to try the mountain bike. So, we went up to the top of the Blue Mountain (hill) using a kind of transportation that they use for skiing, and then we biked down through the “extreme” trail. JC is an expert on this kind of biking and so he was never felt. In fact, he even did some crazy things with his bike. In the other hand, we, the beginner at this stuff, we felt couple of time, scratch out feet, injured our body, and at certain point decided to carry the bike down at a very step trail.. lol

the village from the ‘lifting’ ©Agus


It was almost 9.30 pm when we started cook our dinner at the house that we stayed in. That house actually belongs to Chad’s father. So, JC had a business relations with his father couple of times and he then so kindly lend us his house (he’s been moving out from there for a while and he’s planning to sell it) and even ask his son to accompany us… What a good-hearted man he is..

Anyway, since he’s not living in that house anymore, there was almost nothing there. There was a barbecue machine, which was what we needed, but the gas connection to it was broken down. And so, we then decided to use the stove in the kitchen to do our barbecue.

For a while it was fine. It cooked well some meats that we brought, even though it left a lot of stain and dirty stuff on the stove. As the dirty stuff increasing, the smoke that it produced increase too. We already opened all the doors and windows and turned on the fan, but the smoke still that a lot. Then, what we fear happened. The smoke alarm turned on. It was so loud and we’re panicked at that time. We don’t want to deal with a  fire rescue or cop again, at least I don’t want to. So, as JC and my other friend figured out how to turn that alarm off, me and the last person in our group decided to clean all that mess as soon as we can…


The police or fire rescue didn’t come and we cooked the rest of the meat with oven, which we just found out after that fire alarm accident.. lol. And we started the dinner very late, because it was almost 12 pm..


The next day we went to another town called Tornbury where Chad and Erika lives. After swam for a while, we then walked to a restaurant and left our car at the beach. Then, when we want to go back to where our car was, Chad offered us a ride at the back of his truck. As I know, here, if a police see us doing this, Chad could get into trouble, and so do we.. And so, we decided to lay down there and try to hide our presence. Now we felt like breaking another law.. 😀

trying to hide our presence…


Agus Praditya T






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