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Grandma Dianne

Thursday, August 9th


Energetic and full of life, that’s my first impression of her after saw her and someone from our hotel drank a sour cranberry juice that very night few months ago.

“She lives here,” an acquaintance of mine in this hotel told me. She also told me that she (that grandma) had stayed in this hotel for a while before she decided to finally settle down there. Why? I didn’t know until recently when I started to know her, but let’s get into that later.


Living for quite a long period under the same hotel made me saw her and talked with her few times. There was once when I saw her in the lobby and we talked about our favorite music and we ended up realizing that we like the same singer, Enya. And there was also another time when she asked me an Indonesian word for grandson, “cucu”, which became her first Indonesian word. After that she started to call me “cucu” and I called her “nenek” (grandma).


Few days ago when I entered the dining room, I saw her ate alone. I then joined her after I grabbed my foods.

She started by asking me about what I did as an engineer in mining company. She said that her best friend who apparently own the same kind business asked her to ask us that question. I then wrote it in a piece of paper along with my name in it. Then, not long after that, two of my Indonesian friends who is in the same program like I’m in, joined us and did the same thing like I did. Then the conversation got a little bit “serious”, but fun.

Her name is Dianne Thomson. She used to be a teacher, teaching music. That is the reason why she knows a lot of music, including Celtic musics and singers, like Enya. And she even has a piano in her room here, which she play secretly sometime when she got the time to do it.

It’s not polite to ask someone’s age, that’s what I learned here. But, one of my friend didn’t really think so and so he asked her age. And  her answer of course.. none. But she told us that she had grandchildren as old as me which made me think that she probably around the same age like my grandma is. Not only that, she also told us about a saying from a great German philosopher regarding telling someone your age : “If a woman tell her age, she will never keep secret” , which she told while laughing at us.

As for the reason why she lives her, she mentioned a little bit about it. It was began when she stayed here for a while few years ago. Then, the manager of this hotel at that time, Brian Coles, told her why not staying her instead of renting an apartment because at that time Dianne told the manager about her plan to rent an apartment. And since she likes it staying here, she then sold her house and moved to this hotel almost two years ago.

“I love seeing people,” she told us. “I also enjoy it meeting people from around the world just like you guys.”… “Plus, there are people that taking care of me here,” she said while smiling.

She’s a really amazing woman. At her age she is still enjoying every bit of fun that she can find. She also drives her own car, does her own shopping, and read a lot of books. She also been planning to go for a trip to Fiji this year. And the year before, she already went to Hawaii by her self for vacation. She also had visited many countries in her life. She really know how to enjoy every time that she has.

grandma Dianne


PS : my friend told me that grandma Dianne looks like Betty White (played as Grandma Annie) in The Proposal.


Agus Praditya T





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