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four days three night in Montréal and Ottawa (1)

Thursday, August 2nd


Tomorrow we leave at 4.30 am,  that’s how we concluded our meeting that night. So, these past few nights we’ve had meetings discussing about our plan to go to Montreal and Ottawa. There were only one week left before our togetherness here in Sudbury ended and so we wanted to spend it by visiting places in Canada. Visiting a country without visiting its capital feels incomplete, that’s the reason why we came up with Ottawa. As for Montreal, who doesn’t want to go there. Besides, there were long weekend too at the time when we planned to go there. So, we’re going to have pretty much enough time to cover those two places.


I woke up at 4.45 am the next day after heard the alarm in my room. I set it up for 4.45 the night before didn’t realize that I set it up for a wrong time. So, that morning I was thinking that I woke up at a right time, 15 minutes before 4 am. But, I wasn’t aware of that not until later when I wanted to had breakfast and my friend called me.

“Where the heck are you ?” he asked.

Still didn’t realize that I was already late, I answer calmly “I’m in my room just about to have my breakfast.”

“What??? It’s already 5.10 and everybody already waited down here,” he said later.

“Don’t joking man, “ I replied while checking at my watch. But look like he said the truth. Since I was still in the state of mind where I assumed I woke up 15 minutes before 4, I felt kind of chill in the back of my neck at that time. Did I just loose one hour of my life without realizing it, I was thinking about that all the time while hurried up took all my stuff down and met my unhappy friends.


Around 2 pm we arrived in Laval, one hour from Montreal where we booked our hotel. We’re using our Hilton points and hotel here is the only available place (read : cheap enough) where we can spend it and still left some of it for another purpose. We then rested for an hour and ready to start the sight-seeing.

Sky Venture was the first place that we went to. We got inside, look how the venue was, checked the price, and then decided whether it’s reasonable enough or not. Few of us started to say that they’re not interested in doing this. One said that it’s not challenging enough, and since he said that, I asked him to join me for bungee jumping which then led us for another trip that led to thrilling action, but let’s not get into that yet.

So, the plan to do sky venture was then canceled and we headed straight to the downtown of Montreal which we assume was the area around Notre-Dame and Old Port.

Notre Dame © Agus

The Notre-Dame was awesome. We even planned to get inside and watch the show that they called “The Show of Light’, which tells the story about this magnificent church and the history of Montreal too. The show was great. The lighting and sound was perfectly matches with the story. And of course, the interior of the church itself amaze us.

inside Notre-Dame © Agus

That night there was a fireworks festival too. But, it was so crowded and we couldn’t find place to park our car. And so, we only saw a glimpse of it from the car and headed back to our hotel not long after.


The next day we left hotel around 8.30 am and headed to the highest point in Montreal, Mount Royal. They say that you can see all Montreal from here. But, since we didn’t manage to find it that morning we decided to go to the Fine Arts museum first and will ask people the direction from there.

It’s free to enter the museum when we went there. We only need to donate an amount of money as we want and we did it once for the six of us.

I don’t know at all about art, that is the truth. I don’t know how a picture with only one line in the middle to separate different colors can be that special. Not only paintings, there are different modern sculptures too that I don’t understand what the mean is. I am not just into these kinds of things I guess.

Anyway, after done with the museum we managed to find the way to Mount Royal. We went there for a while, took pictures, and then headed to Montreal Botanical Garden.

Montreal from Mount Royal © Agus

The garden was beautiful. At one spot you will feel as if you’re in China. Then in short time you can easily move to Japan or even to rain forest. It’s amazing how they can have that kind of big garden almost in the center of the town.

Montreal Botanical Garden © Agus


Palais des congrès de Montréal was the next place that we hit. Actually, we were searching for an entrance to the underground shopping center, but since we saw lots of young people dressed in anime clothes in that place, we changed our mind. We decided to see what’s going on there and ended up taking pictures of that cosplay or had our own pictures taking while posing with them. It was fun especially when you have your favorite anime character and you try to find it just to take picture with it. At least that’s what happened with me.

Cosplay in Montreal © Agus

Because we still have another agenda to have dinner in Indonesian restaurant in Montreal, we left that place around 7.30 pm. It’s been a while since we tasted Indonesian food, so we decided to visit this one while we’re around the town. The name of the restaurant is Nonya, and the owner is an authentic Indonesian from Malang, East Java, Indonesia. I would say the food delicious, even though it’s not that spicy anymore as it’s supposed to be in Indonesia.

dinner at Nonya (Indonesian Restaurant)



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