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four days three night in Montréal and Ottawa (2)

Sunday, August 5th


Water drops fell one by one from the sky as we entered Ottawa. It was already around 2 pm that day and there was no sign that sun gonna shine in a short time.

After checked in, put our stuff in the room, and rested for a while, we decided to go out despite the unfriendly weather. The area around parliament building was our first destination and from a parking lot around that place (which was free on Sunday), we walked quite far, took picture, had dinner, and watched several street performances across the town.

Rideau Water Canal Ottawa © Agus

one of the building in the city © Agus


In front of the parliament building we took pictures (as usual) while enjoying that beautiful place. Then, suddenly the rain got harder and wild, and we had to run and look for shelter as everybody else did.. During this raining there was something that caught my attention, a street performance by there women. They were doing like some kind of acrobatics in the air while it’s still raining. It’s a good show and full of risks, especially in the rain like that. And as I saw the show, I also noticed there were some spectators that watched them from close distance and ignored the water that kept coming to them.

street performance in the rain


The rain finally got bored, stopped, and let the sky turned bright and clear. We looked at the watch and it’s already time to find a place to have dinner. The original plan was to find a China or Asian restaurant that offer buffet dinner. But since none of us had a clue of where about a place like that near our location (plus we had walked quite a distance), we decided to stop at a Ramen restaurant and had dinner there. And it was a good decision. The food was good, the portion was big, and the price quite was reasonable too. Too bad I can’t remember what the name was or where it’s located anymore.

After finished dinner, our plan was originally to go to the Parliament Building and see it in full of lamps and light. But, during the way there, we saw few street performances where one of them was the one that I saw in Toronto few months a go. What a small world.

lady with her fire © Agus

juggling in height (the same guy that did juggling in Toronto when I was at Dundas Sq. few months ago)


We didn’t make it to the Parliament Building that night. We’re too tired and our bed seems to be the only place that we wanted to go to. So we fasten our walk and headed straight back to the parking lot where we parked our car for hours for free. And in a fountain near the parking lot we then saw a group of teenagers that apparently still enjoy the night.

party in the night


The next day we woke up around 8.30 am. Then we had breakfast, took a bath, checked out, and headed to Ottawa War Museum.

what is war ?

The museum was our first stop because after that we had to be in Canadian Bungee Jumping spot for a bungee jumping. The place was quite difficult to find at first because we got lost few times. Then, after called the Bungee and got more information about their exact position, we finally got there smoothly and on time for the jump.

Only one of my friend that decided to jump along with me. But thanks to them who didn’t jump, we ended up got quite a beautiful photos of us did the jump…

The jump was fantastic. Full of adrenalin but fun. 2 minutes that I will never forget. If I got a chance one day, I would definitely do it again, and will do it with style.

bungeeeee !!!!


Agus Praditya T



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