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3 languages, 5 days, lots of memories

August 12th – August 17th


“Huuh… hahhh…”

“goooo…… ” ….  ” Ironfist…..”…………


Each clan tried to show that they’re the best that night by trying to win the game called Exceleron. Each clan has two or three members and they have to work together to collect 650 credits (money) in order to win the game. How to get the credits? By exchanging information and trade something with other clan. Then, with that specific information and things, you can trade it with the “game master” in order to get some credits.

The game was not as easy as it sounds. In the end, only one team made it to win the game, with the other clans credits quite far behind them…

“Why was it so difficult to win the game ??”, Bill, the host of the game aka game master, asked us.

Because we didn’t share the information that we got with the other clan was the main reason. Each clans want to win by themselves and not win together. We cooperated, but we limited the information that we share so that our clan can win but not theirs. And apparently that’s not the way you supposed to do it. Not only in this game, but it’s also apply in working places : between colleagues, departments, or even company branches.


Safe-Production, two words that stand together as one : do the work safely but keep producing. That’s what we learned the next day. In short, in our company this action can be applied by following these steps : Plan, Lead, Care, and Accept. Plan your action, what might happened and how to prevent it. Lead by example and by doing the right things. Care with each other and don’t afraid to remind your colleagues of their unsafe behavior. Accept all the boundaries, all the things that you cannot change but you must aware with.

Working with people means that you must be able to present your idea clearly and effectively. That is why, in that day we also learned Presentation Technique. So, how to make a good presentation? Simple answer. Don’t put words in your presentation, at least don’t fill all your presentations with words. As a quotation that we got that day said : The best presentation is a presentation without words.

Michael Kelly – ©Migashco


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) was what we learned the next day. Basically this is a method to know someone preferences so that we can understand them better. And in organization, the impact could result in determining suitable position for each person, even though it’s not 100% right.

MBTI can be used to know someone’s preferences – ©Migashco

Introduction to Type by Isabel Briggs Myers published by CPP. Inc. Used with permission


Another important things in organization that we cover the next day was about Communication Skills, Conflict Management, and Active Listening. From all those materials, one that I remember the most was Active Listening, and that was because of a show ” Everybody Loves Raymond”..  that we watched there 🙂


Thursday was the most exciting day of all. That day we applied almost all that we learned during those past few days in real action. We did indoor simulation to test our team work, plan, care, support, and also to learn how to be a follower and to be an instructor to reach a goal. Then, in the afternoon, we did a kind of race (almost like Amazing Race) in Blue Mountain Village which tested our knowledge about Vale and also about team work.

Blue Team – Go Blueberries !!!


Night came that day and it’s became our last night there. Staying and learning together those past few days left great memories. Memories of new friendship, of working partner, of fun and craziness, and of our togetherness. And that night was also the last night that some of us might see our super-busy and cool HR Coordinator, Shelly Steffler.

Bill and Mike sang a song

enjoying the moment

Goodbye Shelly – taken by Ian Lubis


Thanks to Michael Kelly and Bill from Migashco for their material


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