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potluck, tumpeng, and fun

Saturday, September 29th


A day earlier we decided to make tumpeng as a food that we will bring for the potluck this evening. Tumpeng, a tradisional Indonesian food that we all love to eat, but don’t have a clue of how to make it.


-> We cooked the rice with turmeric, coconut milk, salt, cinnamon, and few bay-leaves. It didn’t turn out good. 😦  The rice was still raw, probably because all that we use to cook it was coconut milk.

hm, this was definitely still raw… our two testers gave their opinion

-> The other rice cooker that we use had good result. It had less coconut milk in there, probably half and half with the water. See how they checked it …

now we know what we did wrong with the other one

-> We then cooked another bowl of rice with a right composition. After it cooked, now it’s time to shape it like tumpeng.

c’mon, press it harder …

-> Now we had it half finish. Hmm, what else do we need to put there?

will it hold like that? or will it fall down?

-> Be creative and decorate it the way you like … and, don’t forget to put rendang there..

that looks nice.. and yummy too…

-> NOW, what are we gonna do with the failed cooked rice and the leftover of this rendang? Hm, we know, why don’t we mix them together. It’s gonna taste good…

let’s eat guys.. – picture by Ian


The potluck started by cutting the top of the tumpeng (and gave it to the oldest person there) …

let the feast begin … – picture by Ian

-> enjoying the beautiful sunset at Paint Lake

sunset at Paint Lake, Thompson MB ©Agus

-> made ghost effect picture

hmm, it feels like there’s someone near me…

-> And finally it’s time to go home. It’s such a wonderful day..

let’s fly back home with my broom.. – picture by Ian

Agus Praditya T


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