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it’s about sea and fun…

February 11th


Weekend is a time for you to refresh your mind, and that’s what we did. Last weekend we went to this place called Tolala Beach, a white sand beach not so far from the border between South Sulawesi and South East Sulawesi.

Original planned was to gather at dormitory around 5.30 in the morning (if you’re late you’ll have to do push-up — was announced in the invitation). But, it seems that there was unwritten agreement that 5.30 doesn’t always mean 5.30. No doubt about that because we didn’t leave dormitory not until around 7.00.

Together with the time that we spent to fill the car’s gasoline (FYI, it took almost half an hour in line because there’s only one gas station in this village) and also the time that we spent for breakfast, we ended up arrive in Tolala Village around half an hour to eleven. After negotiated with few man that own boat over there, we finally got an agreement. We rented three boats and it cost us 300 thousand rupiah for each boat (they will wait until we finish on the beach). And then the fun begin…


Tolala Village


let’s sail now..

the hidden white sand beach..

the hidden white sand beach..

Tolala "White Sand" Beach

Tolala “White Sand” Beach


After almost two hours swimming, snorkeling, and “taking pictures” (this is what we did the most), we finally left the place and headed to the shore to take a bath and be ready for another fun.


First stop was to take group picture in a danger spot on the narrow road near a deep canyon.

line up guys...

line up guys…

Then, we had good lunch with seafood at this place called Lampia..

just a little piece of our lunch.. :D

just a little piece of our lunch.. 😀

And the last but not the least, taking picture in a beautiful spot. But once again, it was in not a very safe place..

hold on tight guys..

hold on tight guys..



2 responses to “it’s about sea and fun…

  1. nate February 12, 2013 at 10:46 am

    ntar jalan2 ke toraja gus 😀

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