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cheap yet expensive vacation – Kuala Lumpur (part 1)

Friday, October 4th 2013


We chose the cheapest flight that we could find, yet we stayed at Hilton for most of our vacation.. yeay..


Our flight, Air Asia, left Soekarno Hatta Terminal 3 around 7 that morning and landed almost two hours later in LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) in Malaysia. Not to be confused, LCCT is the new airport for low cost carrier such as Air Asia, meanwhile KLIA is the main airport for the rest of the carriers which is located not to far from LCCT.

Walked down the airplane into the terminal, we carried our luggage. As we tried to press the traveling cost as much as we can, we ended not buy any baggage which mean that we can only bring our things in a traveling bag and put it in the cabin. As the regulation from Air Asia stated that cabin baggage limited to 7 kg only, there is only so much thing that we can carry into our bag. But hey, you want to know something, when you do a web check-in and have your boarding pass with you, the chances that they will weigh your luggage is smaller, so you might get away with more kg. But again, this is only a thought.. 😉


Passed through the immigration we headed out. As soon as you are outside, turn left and headed to domestic arrival. Not far from Domestic Arrival, you can found a bus terminal. Then, try to find a bus that says Skybus LCCT-Sentral Station on it. This bus will take you to Sentral Station from which you can take MRT or other transportation. The fare is 8 Ringgit one way per person and it is a cheap price I think if you compare it with Taxi.


It took almost an hour to get to the Sentral Station (yes, it is started with “S” and not “C”). Then, from Sentral Station we continued our way using MRT, which cost us another 2 Ringgit per person until Ampang Park Station. Then, from this station, we need to continue by walking to Double Tree Hilton.

Being dependent with internet and technology for almost all the time made us confused with finding our way manually. Moreover, we had our roaming data turned off on our phone which mean we cannot use google maps to find the route. Then, unexpectedly, this amazing iphone application came to an action and save us.

The application called “CityMaps2Go”. It is basically an offline maps with GPS function on it. As long as you have reception (our phone carrier switch automatically to local phone carrier), you can use location services on your iphone. Then, with this location services on, CityMaps2Go will pin point your location in its downloaded maps and more or less will guide you to your destination. And that’s how we managed to get to our hotel..

Double Tree Hilton

Double Tree Hilton


Last year me and some friends lived in Canada for almost 8 months and during that period of time, almost three months we stayed in Hilton. With that many nights staying in Hilton, we finally got enough points for this trip plus a status as a Diamond Member.

When we in the process of checked-in in the lobby, the lady who worked there soon realized that we are a diamond member and right away asked another worker to accompany us to the Executive Lounge where we then continued to check-in. Then, after checked-in, we enjoyed some refreshments that they provided and soon headed to explore the city.

KL view from the lounge - with miniature effect

KL view from the lounge – with miniature effect


Our first destination is Dataran Merdeka (got down in Mesjid Jamek Station). Then, from this place, we pretty much walked our way to another point of interest around the city (with CityMaps2Go in our hand of course), like City Gallery (which is next to Dataran Merdeka) and Central Market (which is a cool place to buy souvenirs).

around Dataran Merdeka

around Dataran Merdeka

inside Central Market

inside Central Market


After walked almost few km around the city, we rested for a while before finally headed to Suria KLCC where you can see the famous Twin Towers Petronas from close distance.

Twin Tower Petronas

Twin Towers Petronas

Before left Suria KLCC mall, we headed to the top floor to find the food court. From the food court, we tried a dishes called Nasi Kandar plus teh tarik which were taste so good with a very reasonable price (10 ringgit in total).


The next day we had to check out early because we need to catch our next flight at 9 am to Hong Kong..

Around 6 we were already in the lounge and had a breakfast. Then, we asked for a “REGULAR” taxi with meter to take us to the airport. But, somehow, the taxi that came was “EXECUTIVE” taxi. It was either because the receptionist misheard us or it was because we are diamond members and they thought that Executive taxi is more suitable for us than regular one..

Regular taxi fare from our hotel to LCCT is around 80 Ringgit. However, with this Executive Taxi, the meter already shown more than 80 Ringgit and we were still half way there. I was getting nervous because our ringgit money is not that much left and the meter is keep running. But, I tried not to show it to the driver and keep talking with him.

Apparently the driver likes talking and we talked almost all the way to the airport. We talked in Melayu, which is quite similar with Bahasa Indonesia, and can understand each other pretty well. He even said that Indonesian people is very friendly and he would love to come and visit Indonesia one day.

Anyway, the taxi finally stop at LCCT and the meter showed fare around 130 ringgit. But, the driver told us to pay only 120 Ringgit and he even did not charge us for the highway cost that he paid earlier. Such a nice gentlemen and how lucky we were to get him as our taxi driver. By the way, his name is Fizzy and he drives the Blue Executive Taxi..




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