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cheap yet expensive vacation – Macau (part 3)

Monday, October 7th 2013


The easiest way to cross to Macau from Hong Kong is by using ferry. By paying 159 HK$, we got ourselves TurboJET ferry ticket. And around one hour later, we finally landed in Macau.

Just for information, Macau and Hong Kong are two separate country, so you will need to bring you passport as it will be checked (and stamped ) in the border.

Entered Macau, we headed outside looking for the parking lot. After noticed it across the road, we turned right, walking through the underpass, and not long after that arrived there. There are many free shuttle buses there that will take you to different hotels. So, make sure to ask first. As for our bus, we took the green colored bus with Cotai written on it.

Our hotel, Conrad, is located outside Macau downtown, but not too far from it. Along the road there, you can see constructions everywhere. I assume it is hotel construction because the area where Conrad located is full with hotels, like Venetian, Holiday Inn, Sheraton, City of Dreams, and so on. And whenever there is a hotel, there is casino on it, and that’s one of the thing that people look for in Macau.

Conrad really is one of the best hotel. Being a diamond member in such a great hotel offers us something beyond our dream, luxury. We got free room upgrade to the president suite (which is awesome by the way), free cocktail, good and very friendly services, welcome greeting by the manager, and few more things that made the holiday more exciting.

our room's living room

our room’s living room


There is no train services in Macau, not like in Hong Kong. To commute here, you can take either bus or taxi. But there is other transportation that you can use, if you know where to look.

From City of Dreams hotel (right across Holiday Inn), there is a free shuttle bus that goes directly to Macau. They never really checked whether you stay in their hotel or not, so I assume anybody can use this ride. But before you get in to the bus, make sure you ask first because there are two buses in that bus stop, and only one of them that will take you to downtown Macau.

From the bus stop in Macau to Senado Square is not that far anymore. But, since we were new there, we would have not known which way to go if not because CityMaps2Go app that we use. After reached that square, our walked through Macau historical sites were then officially began.

fountain (next to big cross)

fountain (next to a big cross in front of a church)

busy market around St.Paul's ruin

busy market around St.Paul’s ruins – lots of food you can buy

ruins of st.paul

ruins of st.paul

view from the top of st.paul's ruin

view from the top of st.paul’s ruin

If you want to buy souvenir(s) or toys for cheap price, there is this shop that you can go to. Heading down the steps of st.paul’s ruin (picture above), turn right. Not far from there you will see a shop with Woody and Buzz poster on it, and that’s the shop. The price for souvenir, like key chains is almost 20% cheaper here. I said like that because I bought a set of key chains near Senado square with a price much higher than here. Plus, my friends were made so confused with so many things that they want to buy (because it is cheap), but did not have enough space in their luggage anymore.


Sunday and Monday night are the worst night to be in Macau. Why did I say so, because at those nights, there are no performances/shows that you can see/watch. So, no Dancing Water, no Taboo, and not even a gondola rides in the Venetian.. About this gondola, I did not know whether it was because that night were Monday or because there were a film festival (which was attended by Nicolas Cage and Quentin Tarantino actually) in Venetian.. Anyway, that night we only walked from one hotel to another and visited the casino (you will need to show your passport by the way)..

The Venetian

The Venetian


The next day, before left Macau, we decided to pay a visit to Panda Pavilion. We took a cab to get there and paid around 25 MOP.

in Panda pavilion

in Panda pavilion


‘kungfu’ panda


From Conrad to Airport there is a free shuttle bus that leaves every 15-20 minutes. We got into one and then around 15 minutes later arrived in the airport ready to continue our trip to Bangkok.




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