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donuts and saying goodbye

Wednesday, May 21th 2014


Suddenly I flashed back to two years ago, when I said goodbye (twice), in two different cities, different colleagues, but one same company.

On my last day in each cities, I bought couple dozens of Tim Hortons and have it packed in few boxes. I then dropped each box in different lunch room and saying goodbye to people there, people with whom I had worked with for that period of time. Why did I have to do that? Because that’s the tradition, I think. That is why, when there’s Tim Hortons lay down on a lunch table in a lunch room, people would asked, who’s leaving?

Then, few weeks ago and yesterday, boxes of JCO was delivered to our office. This time nobody asked who’s leaving, (because we knew it already), only goodbye wishes and picture(s) request.

goodbye sir... _ with Kevin Geraghty

goodbye sir… _ with Kevin Geraghty


But why donuts?

I don’t have the answer and might not find it. I even tried google it and found nothing. Or maybe this is just the tradition, who knows.

But what I know is that I love the donuts, but not the goodbye.




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