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Misool – a place to visit (1)

Misool, Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia

(May 27 – June 1, 2014)

Misool, one of the most beautiful places on earth… seriously !!


Trip to Raja Ampat always started from Sorong, a port city in West Papua that I once guessed as the capital (turned out I was wrong even though this city is more developed than the capital, Manokwari).

There are some flights from Jakarta to Sorong, like Garuda, Sriwijaya, or Express. But, only express that I know have direct flight to Sorong for 4 hours straight. But, if you prefer to take a walk after 2 hours flight, transit in Makassar’s airport is not too bad, even though there’s nothing to see in the night.


DAY 1 (Kampung Harapan Jaya)


Bright orange morning sunrise greeted us as we landing on Dominique Edward Osok in Sorong. If you can, choose left window seat because the view in the morning is amazing. Too bad I cannot kept my camera bag with me that time to shoot the picture because I sat on the emergency row.

Not long after we landed and headed outside the airport, our tour guides came : Dwie (@Tukang_Jalan) and Moory (@WisataRajaAmpat). They offered a very reasonable price (around 5 million rupiah for 6 days 5 nights all in excluding plane ticket) for amazing adventure that we’re going to have.


Around 8 a.m. we left port in Sorong and headed for Misool. After 3 hours boat ride, we stopped at our first destination, Lenmakana.


selfie after had lunch at Lenmakana

Then, from Lenmakana, we headed for another hour to Kampung Harapan Jaya, where we will stay in these few days.


Kampung (Indonesian word for village) Harapan Jaya is a fisherman village. Nothing really special about that place actually, other than friendly people, curious children, and amazing view – day and night for visitors like us.


kids at Harapan Jaya love playing in the water


They love having their picture taken (with some style of course)


DAY 2 (Balbubol-Gamfi-Panun-Dafalen)


As the jetty in Harapan Jaya is facing east to the open ocean, sunrise would have been amazing. Too bad that morning it was so cloudy and we couldn’t get any shot. Just FYI, the best timing to visit Misool is between late October to late May. From June-October it will be rainy season and the wind and tides will be so strong.


disappointed with the sunrise, they posed selfie


After breakfast, we continued the trip by doing island hopping and Balbulol was the first destination.


underwater view in Balbulol

If you had a chance to dive here, then dive. I am sure there are more amazing things down there that is waiting to be discovered.


The best thing about being here in Raja Ampat is that you will always have lunch with an exotic view. After Lenmakana yesterday, today will also had lunch in a white sand beach called Gamfi.


this is what I called ‘walk after lunch’ – view from hill at Gamfi


Then, we headed to another white sand beach called Panun and the day was closed by visiting another snorkeling spot, Dafalen.


peace and quite white sand beach


let’s take picture on the boat


DAY 3 (Sacred Cave-Sacred Cave’s Lake-Yapap _ cont.)


Looks like the weather this morning was friendlier than yesterday, even though thick cloud still blocked the sunrise.


sunrise hunter


Your visit to Misool will not complete without visiting Sacred Cave. In the entrance of the cave there are tombs. People here said that those tombs belong to two Arabian people who brought Islam to Misool long time ago.


Sacred Cave entrance

From one end to another end of the cave, we took almost half an hour. You can either using life vest + swimming or snorkeling + fin to cross this cave. The cave is not that dark because you can almost see it from end to end. But, having extra light is helpful (you’ll need waterproof lamps though). The water inside the cave is not too deep, I think maximum 3 meter. The deeper you dived, the warmer the temperature. But you need to be careful of rocks. This is another reason why you’ll need underwater flashlight.

After got out in the other end, we walked crossed a ‘jungle’ until we reached our final destination, a salt water lake. Nothing really special about this lake actually, other than it’s remote location, surrounded by tall karst, and warm water underneath.


so quite… so private…

This Sacred Cave tour was closed by having lunch at the jetty near the entrance. Perfect place to complete our list of having exotic place to have lunch.


After Sacred Cave and its surrounding, next destination is Jellyfish Lake. But before that, we stopped by at Yapap, a place where you might questioned the reason behind all those amazing stone’s structure. And of course, Yapap also offers amazing view with its crystal clear water that you cannot forget.


This place is also known as “Batu Candi” by local people


look to the camera… 1..2..3..


for video documentation of this amazing trip, please watch this youtube:

for more pictures of this amazing trip, please visit this flickr:






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