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Misool – a place to visit (2)

Misool, Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia

(May 27 – June 1, 2014)


DAY 3 (Jellyfish Lake)


I would say that what’s coming next was the crown jewel of this day 3 trip, if not of the entire trip.

Not long after we left Yapap, we anchored in one of the big island. According to Moory (our tour’s owner), not long after the climbing that we’re going to have, we will arrive in a lake where sting-less jellyfish live. One of the few places on earth where they exist.

The climbing was not easy, I would say, nor it was as hard as climbing Wayag. It was not sharp rock all the way to the lake, only some of it along the way. The trekking was not that long too, only around 20-30 minutes in total. Wearing gloves would totally help, like what I used.



me and jellyfish


sting-less jellyfish


This jelly-fish, since they’re not going to sting you, is so fragile. That is why, when entering the lake, you and your group should never wear any fin. Because even without fin, your bare feet will break them easily, more over with fin.

As a hint : Jelly-fish (or at least this is what happened there) love light a lot. Therefore, find a spot within the lake that has the most sunlight exposure, and you’ll surely surrounded by hundreds of jelly-fishes.


DAY 4 (Harfat Jaya Hill and Jaam)


Harfat Jaya is the name of the hill that we’re going to climb on this fourth day. This name was given by the owner of the homestay where we lived since day 3. Harfat came from Harun-Fatimah, the owner’s name and his wife. He has privilege of giving this name because he’s the first person found this hill and also climbed it. He even kind enough with setting-up path-way to the peak of the hill so people can easily climbing it. Respect to you sir.


half-way to the top with our local guide


It was long way to the top – took me roughly more than half an hour. But, once you reach the peak, the view would enchant you. It just so magnificent. I could stay here, doing nothing.. just looking to the open ocean where small islands beautifully creating that pattern – pattern that helps creating color gradation on the sea.


view from the top of Harfat Jaya


me and the boat crews (first people of our group to reach the peak)


It has been so cloudy since morning. Eventually, it started raining. Because there was not really a wide sheltered area from where we started the climbing, boat captain (with suggestion from the guide) suggested to have lunch at Jaam Island. This island is located not far from where we were and has white sand beach. More importantly, it has some shelter belongs to natural conservation on it. That is why, to Jaam we headed.

Once we arrived in Jaam, we were told that many baby sharks like to play around the shore. That is why, once we finished the lunch voraciously, we headed for the beach despite the rain that still pouring. We were lucky to witness many small sharks playing around like that. And that’s conclude the end of this amazing trip.


baby shark, rain, and cold.. but happy


for video documentation of this amazing trip, please watch this video:

for more pictures of this amazing trip, please visit this flickr:





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