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remote control of life

Sunday, 28 Juni 2015


I don’t mind spoiler. In fact, sometimes I even watch the end of a movie first then start it from the beginning, just for the sake of knowing the end. And often, I watch a movie by fast forwarding it – skipping the part that bores me, resulting in missing important details (sometimes) and ending the movie quickly. But I am aware of it and I am ok with that. I guess that is why I prefer to watch movie in DVD or in the soft file, rather than watching it in the cinema. No way I can fast forward a movie in a cinema. Hmm, unless I own the cinema, I think, and I don’t mind getting sued by all the people that have paid to watch.

But if I have to watch a movie in a cinema, then I am quite picky. I usually read the synopsis first, watch the trailer, and check its rating in imdb. Basically to give me assurance that I made a right choice. But I think, what most important for me is, when it is a movie by my favorite director, than I would not hesitate to watch it in the cinema. I put my trust in him that I don’t need ‘remote control’ to fast forward it.

And I believe the same thing applies in life.

I have put my faith in Him who creates me, the best ‘director’ of all time… and I am happily playing in a movie that He directs, with a specific role that He assigned me. I have read the script and realizes that it is a beautiful story, even when I sometimes don’t fully understand it.  There might be things along the shooting period that I want to stay on because it makes me so happy, and there might be things too that I want to fast forward because it makes me so sad. And often I think that we easily get caught into thinking that the sad scenes are more than the happy one which lead us into questioning the Director : “This is going to be a happy ending, right?“.

My friend (Winda) wrote in her blog and I quoted, that I think perfectly answer the question:

“So you think if you know what the end is gonna be, you can relax now?”

Yeah, pretty much…

“Then you’re putting your trust in the result, not in Me.”





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