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credit card and an awkward moment

Here was the story of my friend while we’re having an English class last week during our one week induction program…


So we were in the middle of an English class when Ms.Excellent (our tutor-not her real name) ask each of us to tell a story regarding a certain topic ( I’m not really remember what’s that about).  And, when that friend of mine got his turn, this was what he told us…

“It was the moment when I got phone call from our HRD that told me that I got this job,” he started his story.” At that moment, I was still an employee for “this certain” company and had a responsibility to deal with a certain project. So, the day when my phone rang , I was in a car with my boss sight seeing the project that we have…”

“My phone rang again. Then I picked it up, hear the wonderful news, and responded it with one or two words, like yeah and oke. I tried to look calm while my heart was thrilled. But,  even with emotionless like that my boss was still a little suspicious and asked me who was it from. And this was the time when the credit card marketing came in handy.”

“At that awkward moment (sure you could imagine why is it awkward, couldn’t you?), I finally lied to my boss and said that it was a call from a credit card company that wants to offer me to make a credit card with them. I guess my boss could understand because as you know, credit card people (I’m not sure if this term is right) sometimes call us out of nowhere (we never gave them our phone number) and kind of persuasive in asking us making credit card… So, that was the excuse that I made and it helps in that awkward moment”, he ended his story.

We laughed after heard his story and it add a list to what reasons/excuses that you could give when receive a phone call in an awkward moment.


Agus Praditya

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