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you can cheat on dropbox

First, let’s assume that you know what dropbox is. But, if you apparently not, there’s always google that you can ask at..


Now, you must also know that as a free user you only got 8 GB capacity max, but it’s only been given 2 GB as a starting point. As for the rest 6 GB, you can get it by ask people to join and install dropbox in their computer or usually known as referral.. For each person that join dropbox and install it under your reference, you will receive extra 250 MB. So, with a simple calculation, you’ll need 24 people to join to receive that 6 GB.

So, what should be done then? Invite your friends through email as much as you can and hope that they will join OR …. you could “cheat”.


I accidentally discover this “trick” with a little gambling whether it’s gonna succeed or not. Now, let’s get to the point.

First, you need to have several emails or as much as you want to. In my case, I try with 3 emails.

Second, send the invites from your dropbox referral page in your account to those emails.

Third, make another user account in your computer beside the administrator, for eg. test

Fourth, login to that account (test) -> connect to the internet -> open the browser -> login to the email that you’ve been created before -> open the referral email that you’ve been sent -> follow the step to install dropbox in this user account login (test)

Fifith,  try to check your dropbox account from which you’ve sent the invitation and check your referral and capacity status, and if everything is okay, you’ll have an extra 250 MB.


I’ve been tried this method three times. It’s working fine for the first and second attempt, which I did with a spare time a day between each attempt. But, for the third one, I try it directly after the second one and it’s not working as it should be. So, I guess that this thing need a little patience too..

And as I publish this writing, I haven’t try the fourth attempt yet..


Agus Praditya T


3 responses to “you can cheat on dropbox

  1. Ivan Pradibta August 6, 2011 at 4:16 pm

    so…. it can be assumed that not only you have to check your e-mail and approve the referral mail you sent to your self to your e-mail account but you also have to:

    Log in to your another computer user account

    Why should we do that?

  2. Dinh (@Dinh31) March 7, 2013 at 3:40 pm

    This does not work for me and I am too tired of posting my referrals and waiting for people to sign up using my referral link.
    I just spent a few buck to get 47 gb (actually 46.88 gb) from a guy on fiverr. You can try his service at http://fiverr.com/cayotkanawa

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